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Loanfacts was born with a mission: Transform financial and credit inclusion in Latin America, using the highest technology and compassion. Reliable services, without tricks or hidden charges are your hallmarks. Smart management of your finances 24 hours a day. To be better at carrying your finances, it is not enough to practice. It is also necessary to know some tips that will make the path easier: this is what financial education calls to have that intelligent management of the finances they support.



  • It is a quick credit to obtain and of course easy to pay.
  • You can perform the entire process from your Smartphone or your computer which makes everything more comfortable, as well as being able to visualize all the movements and status of the operation.
  • It also offers rewards if you pay your credit on time, giving access to larger loans with lower rates.
  • Online help by email, phone and even by whatsapp 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



  • Valid voter card (INE or IFE).
  • Have an age between 25 and 44 years.
  • Have Mexican nationality as well as reside in Mexico.
  • Have the school graduate.
  • CFE light receipt, or any other proof of your address, with no more than 3 months old.
  • Personal e-mail and cell phone.
  • Bank account (CLABE) in your name.
  • Have a smartphone, since you must download the application, whose resolution is at least 720p.

It is important that the phone you include is a mobile phone, since you will receive an SMS with the code you need. The same case occurs with the contact email. You must ensure that the email is correct and valid because through it you will receive the verification email to continue with the process.

Loan details:

Loan details:

  • Up to $ 50,000 loan for VIP plan, which you can acquire if you are a good customer.
  • For new users, the loans can be made in amounts between 1000 and 2000 pesos.
  • The interest rates, from 4.16% to 33.33% depending on the plan, are very low, compared with other market platforms, which is a fact to be taken into account.
  • The repayment terms of the loan, can range between 2 and 12 weeks, you are the one who chooses what conditions are more favorable for you.

Payment Methods:

Payment Methods:

  • Payment at OXXO convenience stores.
  • Bank transfer or cash deposit (if this is your preferred method, do not forget to put your loan number as a payment reference, this way we can correctly identify your payment).
  • Open payment service at many convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, Savings Pharmacies, Wal-Mart, SAM’s Club, Superama, Waldo’s and many others (coming soon): our team is currently testing this payment channel.
  • It is also possible to make the payment in cash. In this option you must enter the number of your loan

In addition, Loanfacts offers you the possibility of making the refund of the amount before the marked deadlines, and without paying extra commissions. Although on the other hand there will be no discounts for it either.

What happens if I can not pay on time?:

What happens if I can not pay on time?:

  • Contact Loanfacts to extend the date of your loan through the “Contact us” button. You must do it before 12 PM on the business day prior to the expiration date of your loan.
  • Loans may be extended for 14, 21 or 30 days, at the customer’s discretion.
  • Extend your loan from the mobile application: currently working so that soon you can log in to your Loanfacts account and simply click on the “Extend” button to extend the date of payment of your loan.
  • In both cases, after the loan has been extended, you must pay the corresponding extension fee to complete the process of extending your loan.
  • If you do not pay on time, and you have not requested the extension of the term, default interest will appear: the amount is added 1.5% of it for each day.

Other data of interest:

Other data of interest:

  • The loan can be paid the same day if the application is approved before 12:00. Otherwise, it will be entered the next business day.
  • If you have problems paying the credit, you can contact the technical service to inform and ask for help.
  • Loanfacts has a credit simulator, with which you have the possibility to know the interest and the total amount that you must pay according to the amount and term selected. You can find this function both on the website and in the app for the cell phone.

A way to get personal loans easily and quickly

We know in advance that the global economic situation is not at its best for some years. Despite the fact that ten years have passed since the 2008 world crisis, there are still many nations that have not managed to regain economic stability. Greece, for example, is one of the world powers that was severely affected and that currently still has a large number of unemployment and a public debt high enough to not be able to settle until 25 years. Mexico is not the exception: the increase in the price of basic food products, of fuels and of endless articles of basic use has generated instability in a large part of the population; Thus, personal loans have become an excellent alternative for families to get out of the multiple financial problems that are generated daily as a result of the global economic crisis that we face in a large part of the world.

A personal loans

A personal loans

Under the previous logic, in this new entry for the blog of Charles Kasas we will explain in great detail the multiple benefits that can be obtained if they request a personal loan with us. We are sure that the following information will be very useful to resolve the questions that exist regarding this issue, as well as to set aside all those stigmas that have been generated with respect to this form of cash loans. Once we have finished with this brief introduction, it is very important that you have as a primary reference that requesting a loan is one of the best options for which you can choose when you want to get out of an economic predicament.

It happens that the increase of the products of the basic basket has generated that many people do not have the possibility of saving a certain amount of money to get out of an unforeseen event or an emergency. A very clear example of the above can be the return to classes; Many parents have more than two children, which complicates the acquisition of school supplies. In this sense, requesting a loan can be the best solution, since it allows parents to buy school supplies for their children and pay the money requested little by little. In this example the benefit is very clear, with the cash loan it has been possible to get out of the financial bind without the need to significantly harm the family’s finances.

As you can see, personal loans are an excellent alternative to which you should not have any doubts or stigmas, since the stigmas generated with respect to the cash or pawn loans houses have been generated by the banking institutions, who want to cover all the market with the purpose of obtaining greater power in front of the world decisions.

The truth is that when talking about personal loans, it is important to say that this is a decision that should not be taken lightly, since if you do not select the right company to apply for this type of loan, it is very likely that the experience does not become sweet and pleasant. For this reason, it is very important that before applying for a loan, you carry out a thorough investigation that allows you to know in greater detail which are the best companies that exist in your area and that are dedicated to the loan of cash. With the above, we refer to the importance of applying for a loan with companies that have experience, prestige and, of course, seek to benefit the clients, meaning that the interest generated by the loan is not excessive and that the payment conditions are flexible enough to prevent family finances from being affected.

It is unfortunate to say that today there are many companies that offer cash loan services that do not have the experience or prestige to offer a quality service to their clients. Also, these types of companies only seek to benefit themselves, in such a way that the interest they charge for their loans is very high. These companies, instead of making the experience of clients who request a loan positive, generate a negative experience, since paying the requested money becomes a real nightmare that they would never have wanted to live.

Fortunately for those who wish to apply for personal loans, they should know that not all companies that exist in the country or in their city, seek to benefit and leave their customers in ruins. There are companies that seek to facilitate the lives of people through cash loans, which is possible to achieve through a contract that benefits both parties.

One of the most effective options is Charles Kasas, a company located in the city of Monessend, Nuevo Leon that has more than ten years of experience in the credit and cash loans sector, and where we also offer each and every one of them One of our clients has an extremely low interest rate, practically the best that exists in the market. The new Charles Kasas model is based on the fact that people who require a loan can obtain it quickly and safely, because we are a company that lends cash through the appraisal of our clients’ car, which is about a relatively new loan option in Mexico that is revolutionizing the way loans are granted. This characteristic has allowed us to position ourselves as one of the best Mexican companies.

As you can see, at Charles Kasas we are a company committed to our clients and that offers the best alternatives for personal loans. So you know, if you want a loan, at Charles Kasas we are the best option, the one that offers the easiest and fastest way to get a loan, and above all with innovative services in Mexico, which allows families to obtain financial liquidity.

We invite you to know the multiple loan modalities that we offer in Charles Kasas, we are sure that you will find the one that best suits your needs and those of your families.

Credit despite loan

There are various reasons to take out a loan despite a loan. This applies, for example, when a home, car or other consumer goods are to be financed and when a loan has already been taken for another purpose. Similar to another loan, the income must be high enough and the private credit information must be positive. Otherwise, lending will be very difficult or impossible.

Prerequisites for a loan

Prerequisites for a loan

Regardless of whether a loan is to be issued by a bank, a savings bank, a car dealership, a mail order company or a local dealer, you must meet certain requirements. First and foremost, this would mean a regular income that must be so high that it is well above the seizure limit. Otherwise, the lender would have no way of accessing income from arrears. In addition, many banks or private lenders assume that the income comes from a work experience. Self-employed or freelancers often find it very difficult to find a suitable lender. The same applies to all other persons who have no fixed, no regular or insufficient income.

In addition to income, private credit  plays a central role in lending. If there are negative entries here, lending in Germany is very difficult, if not impossible.

Compare credit despite loan

The number of providers for a installment loan is very large. For this reason, the selection is not always easy. A comparison is therefore strongly advised, regardless of whether a loan to finance a house or apartment, a car or other consumer goods is to be included. In some cases, there is also a desire to replace an existing loan or to combine multiple loans into a single loan.

Apply for loan despite loan

Once the decision has been made for a specific provider and it is clear what loan amount is needed, the loan application should be made on the internet or locally. For this purpose, the loan application must be completed completely and truthfully. In addition, various documents, such as the current proof of income, must be attached to the loan application. What documents the bank or the private lender needs in a specific case, he communicates before the application.

If the loan application is complete, it will be checked. A decision for a loan approval or rejection is usually made within a few hours or days. If the decision is positive, the loan, despite the loan, will be transferred in one amount to the customer’s current account. Subsequently, the loan must be repaid despite loans in monthly installments. How high these installments are and how long the term is is determined by contract.

Rescheduling current loan – Debt Consolidation

Sometimes just a few hundred euros are missing to bridge a financial shortage. The money should be available quickly and easily. The reasons are many-sided, a hasty calculation which does not tolerate a delay any longer. With a payment in installment is in arrears, the mail-order company has already warned. A small loan would then be the optimal solution.

Is there a small express loan?

A loan of a few hundred euros is also referred to by banks as a small loan. A small loan, which is quickly applied for and where the credit check is not as comprehensive as a large loan amount, is then sought. Similarly, a small loan should also be quickly paid back. The Internet provides so-called small loans or microcredit ready to have a loan of 500-600 euros. New customers receive 500 euros, existing customers can look forward to 1,000 euros.

This form of credit is heavily advertised with easy and fast and without proof of income and account statements. It’s not that easy. If you look closer and read the fine print so the loan seeker will learn that a credit without credit rating and without credit check is not approved. Suppliers who apply for this type of loan, like all other lenders, also check their creditworthiness and private credit or Credit reform.

Creditreform is an information agency like the private credit. However, this credit agency mainly collects data from companies. A small express loan is fast provided. The process only takes a few minutes. The legally required identity procedure can be carried out at Swiss Post or online. New customers are provided 500 euros. The term is very short with 30 or 60 days, the loan must be repaid, including interest and utilities. The advertisement for the loan says, who has taken the loan once and correctly repaid her, then can receive 600 euros or 1,000 euros.

The loan application via digital formats


However, a small loan with a possible payment within 24 hours will only be possible if the customer identifies himself by express service or Verify-it. With Verify-it, the loan agreement can be quickly signed from home, as well as the legal identification is done.

With the Verify it system, the customer can save the printing of the contracts and thus the way to the post office. Thus, there is the possibility that a small express credit same day will be credited to the account. It is also possible to sign the loan agreement online. Thereafter, the loan agreement is immediately forwarded to the lender and the loan amount is directed immediately. Thus, the opportunity to receive immediate loan credit is always present.

If you carry out the Postident procedure at Swiss Post, you may have to wait up to 2 weeks before a credit decision is made. Even the quick identification must then ensure that the loan can be paid. If it comes to a credit default, a negative entry in the private credit will follow, which often makes normal borrowing impossible. The lender can then pass on the claim to a collection with unpleasant consequences.

If you take a close look at a small loan, you will find that this loan offer has its pitfalls. As a result, if you have to pay 500 euros in 30 days, you have to pay a rate of 500 euros plus interest. There are only 3-4 weeks left to pay off the loan. The customer should question whether a directly approved credit line is not the better option. With the credit line the customer has the sole decision when and how much he then repays.

As far as the level of interest rates is concerned, a small loan should be no less in line with the credit line. The dispozins are in the double digits.

The conditions

So that a small express loan really lives up to its name, the customer must first find a suitable provider. Because an urgent loan is nothing more than an installment loan, only with a faster processing and payment. If the customer makes an online application, they will normally have to perform the Postident procedure at the Post. Unless he finds a provider of the aforementioned process of digital formats offers. But many providers are not ready yet. Here the traditional postident procedure is still used.

The certificate of legitimacy of the client is then sent by post to the lender along with the credit records such as salary slips, bank statements and a copy of the employment contract. A small note: unlike the credit line, the microcredit has surprisingly low interest rates. So that the customer receives an urgent loan also the offerer must be found.

In search of such, it was found that the camibank, Katebank and Neofunding are such providers. The Katebank provides a small loan from 3,000 euros ready, the camibank a loan from 500 euros to 3,000 euros and Neofunding at the end with 500 euros.

So that the loan seeker actually receives these loans, he must have a faultless private credit without negative entries. A small credit without credit check is a private credit free credit. If you look at the interest rates on these loans, you will find an interest rate of 12% depending on the credit rating also significantly higher.

The income must be above the attachment exemption limit. A permanent job is a fixed requirement for these loans. The employment contract must last at least one year. It is assumed age of majority. The domicile and also the checking account must be in Germany. There are even providers who accept customers only from the age of 21 years. Likewise there will be an age limit upwards. The private creditfreien loans are fixed at 62 years (formerly 58 years).

A small loan at the branch bank

A small loan at the branch bank

The customer can get a quick loan if he is looking for a branch bank near him. He arranges an appointment and asks immediately for which creditworthiness documents must be brought. These are in most cases pay slips, bank statements, the employment contract or pension notice, a small household bill and any loan collateral to be provided such as a property or life insurance.

The bank will ask the private credit if the customer is there. If this shows inconspicuous, then immediately the loan application with the customer is filled out and signed. The bank will examine the documents. The customer can then take his loan amount in cash or have it transferred to his account. A small express loan online can not be faster. However, there will be only small loans at the branch bank.


A small loan can therefore be taken at a branch bank on the spot. He beats the online loan by far. The reason is the missing mail. 
The quick loan from the aforementioned providers has the disadvantage that the loan amount must be repaid within 30 days. Not every borrower can pay for this high credit rate, including interest and additional costs. 
The Dispo also represents an urgent loan. It is applied for quickly, but it is very expensive. The customer must expect a double-digit interest rate.

With bad private credit, the private credit-free loans are available. But they are more expensive too. The customer can count on an interest rate of 11-12%, depending on the creditworthiness also significantly higher. For these loans, the loan process takes about a week.

Is it Safe to Take Out a Loan Online?

Loans via the Internet are a very popular form of borrowing nowadays. The possibility of requesting and withdrawing funds via the Internet is currently offered by almost all companies and financial institutions that have loans in their offers.

Almost everyone has access to the Internet and can do it within a few or several minutes. Currently, it is not a time-consuming or complicated activity, so it attracts a multitude of clients.

Are online loans safe?

Are online loans safe?

Taking credit for many people is associated with the fear of whether it is safe for sure. A lot of people are afraid of leakage of sensitive data like PESEL numbers or ID cards. These are understandable concerns, but as a rule, there is nothing to fear, because Institutions that offer loans over the Internet, usually reliably protect their IT systems. Nevertheless, there is a common belief that taking online loans or borrowing money on the Internet may be a potentially dangerous activity that may expose an applicant or a person interested in such a loan to unpleasantness in the form of, for example:

  • Unclear terms of the contract,
  • Higher repayments than initially agreed,
  • Leaking sensitive data of the requesting person etc.,

The general belief that borrowing via the Internet was a potentially dangerous activity is present by repeating unflattering opinions about online loans. This state of affairs is unfortunately the result of not quite a fair policy of some entities offering and granting such loans. It is impossible to ignore the existence of dishonest companies on the financial market, using so-called usury and offering the best lending conditions on the market, where, unfortunately, the Borrower only plunges with such debt (often the so-called parish bankers expect a return of up to three times the value of the loan granted).

The activities of dishonest companies in the field of granting internet loans

The activities of dishonest companies in the field of granting internet loans

The activity of dishonest companies on the financial market in Poland is noticeable. Many companies offering loans granted via the Internet, of course, on convenient terms, which are often called “a real opportunity” and “the only chance to improve their financial situation”, is really looking for gullible people, catching on to the bewilderment of advertising slogans or real people in need and desperate, who will do anything to get the money they need.

Unfortunately, these people are often deceived. Often it turns out that after signing a dozen or so parties of a contract written in a language not very clear to the Borrower, but allowing almost any interpretation in its favor for the parabank, it comes out that the benefits of signing the contract will only have a company providing the loan and the Borrower with the amount to repay much higher (often 3 or 4 times higher than taken in the form of a loan). In addition to repayment in a very short time, which is usually impossible to implement by the Borrower. Then interest on the loan comes into play – obviously equally unfair and high, as the final amount to be repaid in relation to the very short time that is to be repaid.

What exemplary methods are used by dishonest companies?

What exemplary methods are used by dishonest companies?

The company also adds other fees to the interest due to the lack of repayment of the loan on time, such as PLN 70-100 for sending a letter with reminder of repayment or even for telephone contact on exceeding the repayment deadline! This is a way to draw the Borrower into serious problems, such as debts growing at an alarming rate, which is on the hand of a dishonest company that granted a loan and in this way becomes even richer.

In such situations, it is not difficult to not trust online loans. Nothing inspires confidence, such as a visit at a branch of the Bank and direct contact and consultation with a Bank employee who accepts an application or translates clearly the terms and conditions of its repayment.

How not to get caught up with dishonest companies?

How not to get caught up with dishonest companies?

Parabanks and “usury” companies are unfortunately present on the Polish financial services market, but this does not mean that all loans granted via the Internet are a trap, through which we will fall into even larger debts.

Remember that for an online credit to be completely safe, you should be interested in the most-praised offers of financial companies, which are little known or have been on the market for a short time. Let’s look for offers on which we will have 100% confidence and where a company or bank employee will explain all doubts in a calm and peaceful way and will answer all questions patiently.

What should you pay attention to be sure of the integrity of the company or institution providing internet credit?

  • Exactly check and read the contract before signing it,
  • If we do not understand any of the points in the contract, ask for an explanation and ask for details,
  • Let us not sign any contract without feeling that we are 100% sure about its clarity and our ability to repay the loan,
  • Let’s observe the behavior of the consultant and if it seems incompetent or clearly avoids the answer – let’s look for a different offer.

Following the above-mentioned tips, we will certainly save a lot of additional worries and troubles that we could get by making a loan online via a dishonest credit company.

Security of information sent to companies offering loans via the Internet

Security of information sent to companies offering loans via the Internet

The fact that companies and institutions offering internet loans care about the safety of their current or potential customers – we already know. They do this by applying the IT security of their websites through which the process of applying for a loan and granting it, as well as the databases of its Clients, takes place. They use advanced security and firewall protocols to protect against penetration of malicious software and hacker attacks. In fact, the risk that we will be cheated is the same as in the case of a loan agreement at a branch or bank branch – there have been instances of impersonation or even cases of leakage of people who visited the company “stationary”.

There is a group of supporters of loans granted via the Internet, who claim that this way of applying and granting credit is even safer.

In addition to strictly IT security, banks or financial companies, let’s also remember to take care of the security of your computer and the data sent from it.

What can we do on our part to ensure that the activities aimed at obtaining credit via the Internet are safe?

What can we do on our part to ensure that the activities aimed at obtaining credit via the Internet are safe?

  • Let’s check if the computer contains viruses or malware,
  • We do not allow unauthorized persons to use an e-mail account or facilitate their entry to e-mail,
  • Let’s take care of regularly updating computer security,
  • Let’s check if the connection with the bank is secure and encrypted with the SSL protocol (this is evidenced by the presence of a green padlock at the bank address and the beginning of the address: ” Error! Incorrect hyperlink”),
  • Regularly change the password for access to the mailbox and, above all, access passwords for online banking,

Let’s remember how important is the security of Our and Our Money, so let’s make sure that you can not get into any bigger problems with internet credit. Do you want to know how to withdraw from a loan agreement?

Credit for Debt Repayment

A loan for debt settlement may save a lot of trouble. Anyone who has too many debts will eventually be unable to pay his bills. There would be reminders about reminders and in the end, in the worst case, a wage garnishment is pronounced. To prevent this, a loan for debt settlement can be added. See for a summary

Borrowing – what must be respected

Borrowing - what must be respected

A loan for debt repayment needs to be considered. It is not always easy to get a loan if the credit rating does not exist. Those who go to the bank of their trust should be well prepared. The best way to get started is to create a list of all debts. This bill shows how much debt really is. So a loan amount can be calculated so that all debts can be paid off.

The loan for debt repayment allows the applicant to save many costs. But he has to keep in mind that not everyone is willing to give credit. Therefore, the private credit should be checked in advance. With a self-report, the customer may have some entries deleted, so that the private credit improves. The fewer entries you have, the better the creditworthiness.

An application to the bank can be difficult if loans are already available. In an emergency, it should be ensured before the call that a guarantor can be used. As soon as the bank demands it, one can be named. The bank sees that the customer is prepared to pay back the loan and then gives the application often.

Loan repayment and credit line

Loan repayment and credit line

Depending on how high the sum is, the amount of credit that must be paid is also higher later on. The applicant may reduce the loan repayment installments if he chooses a longer term. This has the advantage of having more money a month to spend on everyday life. The repayment of the loan is subject to a standing order. So every month a fixed amount is deducted.

The credit line should be so high that all debts are paid. If an invoice was later forgotten, the problems with the repayment start again. It would be a cycle that would not change. So everything should be listed, no matter how high or low the bill is. A further credit for debt settlement is then not possible.

A new loan can not be taken until the old one has been paid off. That can take a few months or even a year or two, depending on the size of the loan. After repayment of the loan can then be taken up again a loan. However, the applicant should make sure when applying that the loan is not too expensive. A credit comparison can help you find a cheap loan.