What is the difference between credit and loan?

For a common citizen, with little financial education, the terms credit and loan can lead to equivocation, as many face these words with the idea that they are different concepts. However, as we will see in more detail below, both refer to the same instrument, although with nuances. Due to this recurring doubt, we believe…

Personal Loans Immediately

Loanfacts was born with a mission: Transform financial and credit inclusion in Latin America, using the highest technology and compassion. Reliable services, without tricks or hidden charges are your hallmarks. Smart management of your finances 24 hours a day. To be better at carrying your finances, it is not enough to practice. It is also…

Credit despite loan

There are various reasons to take out a loan despite a loan. This applies, for example, when a home, car or other consumer goods are to be financed and when a loan has already been taken for another purpose. Similar to another loan, the income must be high enough and the private credit information must be positive. Otherwise,…

Rescheduling current loan – Debt Consolidation

Sometimes just a few hundred euros are missing to bridge a financial shortage. The money should be available quickly and easily. The reasons are many-sided, a hasty calculation which does not tolerate a delay any longer. With a payment in installment is in arrears, the mail-order company has already warned. A small loan would then be the optimal solution….

Is it Safe to Take Out a Loan Online?

Loans via the Internet are a very popular form of borrowing nowadays. The possibility of requesting and withdrawing funds via the Internet is currently offered by almost all companies and financial institutions that have loans in their offers. Almost everyone has access to the Internet and can do it within a few or several minutes….

Credit for Debt Repayment

A loan for debt settlement may save a lot of trouble. Anyone who has too many debts will eventually be unable to pay his bills. There would be reminders about reminders and in the end, in the worst case, a wage garnishment is pronounced. To prevent this, a loan for debt settlement can be added….